Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lippies review

Finally, I get to try the ColourPop Ultra Matte lippies. I got Dr.M, Jellies, Guess, Kapow, and the Foxy Mini set which includes the "bestsellers" Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, and More Better.  Featured lips are Dr.M and Tulle. This is a perfect example of a love-hate relationship. 

I was so excited about these. I tried Dr.M first. The color is gorgeous but instead of being a true green, its leans a bit towards a turquoise. I wore it to work and got tons of compliments. That was the pros, now for the cons. First off, the wand doesn't pick up enough product and I have to dip about 5 times to fully cover my lips. Secondly, and some may consider this a plus, the product dries super fast. So fast that my top lip is dry before I can finish the bottom. This is with thin coats. I also cannot purse my lips at all while its drying or it will create patches. Once it did dry, it was beautiful. But as soon as i smiled, it cracked and flaked everywhere. I reapplied it at least 4 times during my 8hr shift because it kept flaking. Thicker layers made it worse. Taking it off was a bitch and it left a slight stain for a lil while. The green stain on my lips made me look sick, hence the many reapplies. Love the color. Horrible application. 

Now Tulle on the other hand went on like a dream. I was able to rub my lips together while it dried and no patches formed. It felt like my lips had on nothing. My lips felt soft but not drying. The color is similar to KVD Lolita but darker. The flawless application was also similar. This one didn't smudge or budge. No cracks or flakes.

I have not tried any others yet. Im somewhat hesitant because I'd hate for more of them to turn out like the green, and I can't return any of it. I gotta find my disposable wands for swatches before I do.