Friday, August 3, 2012


It really sucks having writers block. Its like my mind has an idea but gets stuck when I try to expand on it. For instance, with my book that I'm working on. I wrote the first "draft" which was basically just a summary of the events in the book. I want to create dialog and scenery but when I grab my netbook, I don't know where to start or what to say. I make a few editions here and there but overall its a very slow process trying to get out the book I want to write. Sometimes I have so many ideas that its just hard to focus on one.

I wanna get back into writing my poetry again but sometimes I feel that ship has sailed. I used to write poems on a regular basis, like a few every month. Now its like, if i can manage to get one out, its the only one in some years. In the past five years, I've written about 3 poems. People always wanna tell me that its just because I'm not inspired. That I should just let it flow and not force it. I'm not forcing anything. That's why I haven't wrote anything in a while. The flow I used to have just isn't there anymore. The words used to come to me whenever, wherever. Now, it get nothing. Literally my mind is blank.

I know the words will come when they're ready. In the meantime, I guess I'll do my nails.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back on the good foot

Its been a while since I actually wrote a blog. I really dont know why I stopped but Im gonna get back on the good foot and start blogging again. The idea was given to me to document my "journey" as I read the Bible from cover to cover for the first time. But I dont want this to turn into a Bible blog so Im gonna post random stuff in between my thoughts about my reading. Hopefully I wont offend any of my invisible readers.

If you have any topics you want me to rant and rave about, post them