Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not Forgotten

"people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Reading this reminded me of a conversation I had with someone I thought was a friend. We argued about the details of an incident that happened over 10 years ago. Regardless of what was said and done by both parties, to this day I distinctly remember how I felt because it forever changed the way I viewed them. I said "I would respect you more if you said you don't remember saying or doing that than to call me a flat out liar, because I know how I felt and that hasn't changed."

When someone disrespects you and attacks your self esteem, its not easily forgotten on your part. Maybe it is on theirs. I don't want an apology. I just want them to acknowledge that my feelings are real. Im not holding my breath for it, though.

Friday, August 3, 2012


It really sucks having writers block. Its like my mind has an idea but gets stuck when I try to expand on it. For instance, with my book that I'm working on. I wrote the first "draft" which was basically just a summary of the events in the book. I want to create dialog and scenery but when I grab my netbook, I don't know where to start or what to say. I make a few editions here and there but overall its a very slow process trying to get out the book I want to write. Sometimes I have so many ideas that its just hard to focus on one.

I wanna get back into writing my poetry again but sometimes I feel that ship has sailed. I used to write poems on a regular basis, like a few every month. Now its like, if i can manage to get one out, its the only one in some years. In the past five years, I've written about 3 poems. People always wanna tell me that its just because I'm not inspired. That I should just let it flow and not force it. I'm not forcing anything. That's why I haven't wrote anything in a while. The flow I used to have just isn't there anymore. The words used to come to me whenever, wherever. Now, it get nothing. Literally my mind is blank.

I know the words will come when they're ready. In the meantime, I guess I'll do my nails.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back on the good foot

Its been a while since I actually wrote a blog. I really dont know why I stopped but Im gonna get back on the good foot and start blogging again. The idea was given to me to document my "journey" as I read the Bible from cover to cover for the first time. But I dont want this to turn into a Bible blog so Im gonna post random stuff in between my thoughts about my reading. Hopefully I wont offend any of my invisible readers.

If you have any topics you want me to rant and rave about, post them

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alien Dream #3

I've had a couple alien dreams and its weird that I can actually remember them. Most of my dreams I tend to forget almost as soon as I wake up, but for some reason, that doesn't seem to be the case with the alien dreams. I think Ive been having the dreams cause I been watching alien movies and TV shows so much.

The dream didn't start with the aliens but it finished with them. I was awakened by my phone which cut the dream short. I remember going to a club with some friends. It was a house that is now a club. Me and my friends entered the club thru the back and made our way to the front. I went outside and saw there was a few parking spots in the front of the house despite the club being packed. I said I would move my car and one of my friends said they would follow suit.

There were two empty spaces side by side and another open space next to a large truck. The truck looked like a Ford 350 but bigger and all black. It was parked under a big tree than hung low. The club sat on the corner, facing a 6 lane street. That section of the street was on a big steep hill. The club sat in the middle of the mile high hill, half a mile to the top and half a mile to the bottom. The bottom of the hill leveled out for about a quarter mile before rising up into a half mile hill. There were no sidewalks on the club side of the street and there was only about 4 feet of grass between the parking lot and the street.

I moved my vehicle into one of the joining spaces, thinking my friend would park next to me. Instead, they parked under the tree next to the truck. At this time, my vehicle turned into one of those baby strollers that you see people pushing when they're out running, with the single wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. And then this kid, that looks between 8 and 10, gets in it. I told him to get out and not to touch it but he was somebody's heathen child who ignored me. I turned around and all my friends were standing in the open space next to me. We were talking about something and I turned back around to see that the heathen child carjacked me for my stroller. It had foot pedals on it and I could see him already pedaling at the bottom of the hill.

Of course, Im pissed so Im ranting and raving to my friends. Diagonal to the club, across the street towards the top of the hill, was a gas station. I could see this in my peripheral. As we're talking I see something fall out of the sky with tremendous speed but no sound. I turned to see what I thought I saw and it was a two foot tall cylindrical metal object with a red circle in the middle. I reminded me of a turrent from the game Portal but it didn't have legs. The base looked like it was 2 short metal beams, one dark and one light, and they were twisted and formed together. The red circle on the front was a dark red and it stayed dark, it never lit up. It looked heavy and it dropped so fast, you would've expect to at least see a crater or heard a thud. There was neither. The object stood there like somebody had just put it there.

I saw some men approaching it, trying to figure out what it was. Then it began to morph. It went from the twisted cylindrical object to a metal sunflower looking object (too much Plants vs Zombies) and then to a VW Beetle type looking object. The body was kinda egg shaped with 4 smaller half egg shaped points around it, like where the wheels would be but it was wheels. It was some kind of propulsion system but with no sound. The only sound this thing made was when it fired. Just before it started firing, while it was morphing, I pointed it out to my friends to show them. I told them "that thing just fell outta the sky." So when it started firing, we all saw it. It took out all the men at the gas station but not the gas station itself. Then it moved into the street and down the hill, blasting some of the moving cars along the way.

it morphed several more times before reaching the top of the smaller hill. yes we were still standing in the parking lot of the club the whole time. by the time the thing reached the top of the smaller hill, 3 larger metal crafts appeared at the near the top of the big hill. they didn't fire, but one appeared to be digging into the street. all three crafts were one behind the other and the middle one was digging. the crafts sat in the middle of the street. this is when we decided to leave. we jumped into somebody's car and drove up the hill. keep in the mind, the whole time this is going on there was still cars driving up and down the street. we drove straight past the 3 crafts and just as we got past them and to the top of the hill, my phone rang and woke me up.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Groupon Guide to: Sneaking Snacks into a Movie

Movie theaters insist that you purchase their snacks because if the public doesn’t buy them, the employees are forced to eat the remaining candy at the end of their shift. Avoid buying overpriced movie snacks with these tips for sneaking your own treats:

• Bring a suitcase full of large pizzas to the movies and say that you have a plane to catch right after the film ends.

• Fill your pockets with unpopped popcorn kernels.
Hold each one over a lighter to activate it.

• Form licorice into the shape of glasses and wear them into the movie. If you already have glasses, pop out the lenses and replace them with Nilla wafers.

• Steal other people’s candy by pretending to be their wife or husband. They won’t know because it’s dark in a movie theater and you smell just like their spouse.

• Fill your mouth, nose, and hair with Mike and Ikes. When you get inside the movie, spit them out to share with your friends.

• Bribe the movie-theater staff into looking the other way by inviting them to your lake house for one unforgettable summer they’ll never forget.

• Soak a rag in soup and suck on it.