Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Showers Bring...........SNOW???

I was born and raised in Georgia and one thing that you always bet on is our unpredictable weather. Seasons don't matter here. Its April and we have snow! We have 75 degree days in January. Georgia has like a Bermuda Triangle of weather going on. One day it will be nice and sunny. The next day it will get super hot. The next day it will rain. The next day its cloudy and cold. The next day its snow flurries and slush. The next day its sunny again. The meteorologists can sometimes get it right but when they're wrong, its so bad. Today it is snowing. The weather report just said it'll be cold today, didn't mention snow. And when it snows here, its not like snow up north. The snow here is snow as long as its in the air. Once it touches something it melts. So now you got cold wet asphalt. If it gets cold enough to freeze that, then you'll have black ice and accidents and traffic everywhere. But usually it'll just stay wet. The snow here hardly ever sticks and when it does its not much. It'll just looks like somebody salted the city. It was 75 degrees Saturday, raining Monday, and now its snowing on Tuesday. By Thursday or Friday, the temperature will be back in the 70s again. And how do you dress for the weather? Easy, you never pack away any season's clothes. Most people have put up their winter clothes and coats and stuff cause its supposed to be spring. Layering short sleeve shirts under a jacket doesn't work when you're standing at the bus stop or the train station where it can be extremely windy. If you have a car with working heat and AC, you're good. Most people that do, dress how they want. The key is knowing whether or not you'll be outside in the elements. If you're working in an office all day and you'll only go outside to go to lunch or go home, then you dress for the office not the weather. If you work outside, you dress for the weather. If you ride public transportation, you dress for the weather. You have to mix and match your winter and summer clothes here. You just never know. There have been times where the forecast calls for warm sunny day and out of nowhere it'll rain hard as hell. Its crazy. The snow has stopped for now. We'll see how it goes for the rest of the day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

WTF is a GOON?

I don't know if this started with the #1 gay rapper or not but after I heard his "what's a goon to a goblin" line, I keep hearing dudes calling themselves goons. Plies had a line in his new song saying "I'm your goon, you my goonette" (???). Seriously??? COME ON! Well in his case its different cause Plies looks like the deformed offspring of a goon and a goblin, but still. You telling me females are swooning off this shit? Any female who does fall for it, is just as stupid and ignorant as the retard who calls himself that. What happened to being a man? You can't be a man if you're a goon. I was visiting a friend once and he was talking to one of his neighbors. This dude had live in girlfriend AND another girlfriend who had her own place AND a new baby from a third girl. All of whom know about each other (dude would have them all over at the same time!). Anyways, his new baby was a boy and he was telling my friend "this lil nigga gone be a goon." I'm not even gonna go into all the things wrong with that sentence. But I asked my friend why he doesn't try to talk some sense into the dude. My friend said, besides it not being his business, it would be useless. Just from the conversations that they've had before, he knows that nobody can talk sense into the dude. (Oh yeah, the dude was only 19 at the time!). But its that kind of ignorance that breeds more ignorance and thats why we have guys wanting to be stupid. Yeah, they WANT to be stupid. Thats why they drop out of school in pursuit of being a drug kingpin or the next rap star. And the way music is going down the toilet today, the latter is becoming easier to do for the less intelligent. Its getting harder for people who actually make music thats about something to get deals cause the radio is being flooded with garbage (See my previous post called Booty Sounds). Anyways, anyone who wants to be called a goon or goblin or anything besides a man, gets no respect from me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Know what this is? One guy posted this on 800notes.com:

I keep getting calls about some satanic club or some gay cult from this number. They keep asking me if I would like to buy some "Soldier Boy" which is completely and utterly disgusting! I have never in my life been so insulted! They have called many times and I am tempted to call an attorney! I DO NOT WISH TO BUY ANY GAY SEX FROM "SOLDIER BOYS"! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS DISGRACEFUL GROUP!

(still lmao on that)

The number is said on the song Kiss Me Thru The Phone by Soulja Boy. If you call, you hear a pre-recorded message that makes you think you're talking to someone when you're not. But the service keeps your number and sends out mass text messages to you. Some people have said they've gotten calls back too. Anyways, just because Mike Jones gave out his real number, stupid people think its Soulja Boy's real phone number. But then again, alot of the people who listen to his stuff (i dont think its music), they are gullible enough to believe it.