Monday, February 23, 2009


Definition: when someone smokes so much weed that their cum makes another person high.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ATL Transplants

I am one of the few Atlanta born and raised Peaches still here. My city is changing. Its not even the same place anymore. Why? Because of the out of towners who moved here. You're welcomed to come, you're welcomed to stay. But why do ya'll wanna complain when you get here? Everybody wanna complain about how people drive here but do you not realize that most of the people in Atlanta arent from Atlanta? So YOU brought YOUR bad driving habits here just like everyone else but you wanna say its the people FROM Atlanta driving bad. WHAT THE FUCK EVER!!! Ya'll kill me complaining about the way things are here. Some say its too slow, too country, too ghetto, too gay, places close too early. Well, you know if you dont like it here you can take your ass back where the fuck you came from. Otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE MERRY. Why come here and complain about the shit when you get here? We dont need you and your shit here. Hell, I KNOW I can definitely live without hearing another transplant muhfucka complaining about the place THEY CHOSE to come to. You can CHOSE to go somewhere else or you can CHOSE to stay and shut the fuck up. No matter what you decide to do, either way you still need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Notoriously Awful

I spent my Valentine's Day at the movie theater watching Notorious. I have been personally boycotting the movie ever since I first heard about it. It was never something I wanted to see, especially not paying to see it. But my friend wanted to see it so I gave in and accompanied him. I already heard and read so much about the movie, not to mention we already know most of what happened. As much as I love movies, this was one on my To-Don't List. Its not that the movie was all that bad, I just feel like the man's death is constantly being exploited by Puffy. Think about it. Name another artist in hip-hop or R&B that died who has stuff going after their death (excluding post-mortem albums). Not Tupac. His movie actually had him in it so that doesn't count. It was about his philosophy on life moreso than his life itself. What about Aaliyah? Nothing. Left Eye had a documentary but she was in it, shooting some of it herself so it doesn't count either. Easy E? Nothing. Jam Master J? Nothing. J-Dilla? Nothing. But Puffy won't let you forget that he was Biggie's BFF or that Biggie died young or that he's supposed to be the best rapper ever. Puffy is always doing something to make people relive Biggie's death all over again. How can the man truly rest in peace if you're forever reminding us about it? The man's death was tragic and he died so young. Its a shame, yes. But can we please move on with our lives. Puffy is already a multimillionaire. Anything he puts his name on or attached to is gonna make money. So doing a movie about Biggie is a guaranteed million dollar money maker. Yeah he's gotta get the consent of the family and parties involved before he can start the project but I highly doubt that the idea for this movie originated with Biggie's family. Puffy came up with the idea and told the family. The family is gonna get paid and everyone wants money so why not go along with it. But my point is that Puffy is the one initiating everything and you know Puff is all about the benjamins. I was never a huge Biggie fan but I did like some of his music so I'm not hating on him. I just feel like this is another outlet for Puffy to make money. And then after the movie comes the clothing line. When will it stop? When we he still reminding up of that terrible tragedy? Wasn't Tupac's life just as important? Wasn't his death just as tragic? But do you hear all this fuss being kicked up about him? No. All I'm saying is just let the man rest in peace. His memory will live on without Puffy having to remind us about it every 3 months.