Friday, April 18, 2008

Number 1 Gay Rapper

So what made me go on that tirade about the "no homo" shit was listening to that faggot ass bitch Lil Wayne. That nigga say that shit more than anybody. Which proves my point that people who use it really are gay. Cause everyone in the world knows Lil Wayne is gay. For those of you who are in denial, please wake up. The list of gay shit this fudge-packer has done is enormous. And the excuses he uses to try to justify some of it, is just as stupid as the people who believe him.

No straight grown man kisses another grown man in the mouth. A man may kiss his son but thats when the child is a baby. Once he gets a certain age, all that kissing stops. And even still it was never in the mouth. I have yet to see a straight man kiss a baby boy on the mouth. It just doesnt happen. Two grown men will not let their lips meet under any circumstances. Hell, doing CPR they got those plastic mouth guards so peoples lips dont touch. Even a grown man who, for whatever reason, is just so happy and ecstatic that he wants to kiss his father WILL NOT KISS HIM ON THE MOUTH. Maybe the forehead, maybe a cheek, maybe not. But on the mouth? HELL NAW!

No straight grown man will undress another grown man who has the physical capabilities of doing so himself. I saw this on Soul Train. Lil Faggot and Baby Bitch were performing. Baby Bitch was out front with the kid jumping round and shit. In the middle of song, while Baby Bitch is still rapping, Lil Faggot comes over, grabs the zipper on Baby Bitch's jacket, and EVER SO SLOWLY unzips it. You cant tell me that shit aint gay! What the hell makes you wanna unzip another mans jacket? Did he ask you to do that? No.

Never in my life have I heard a grown man call another grown man Daddy. Yeah ok, so the man "raised" you and you see him as a father figure. But every man stops saying Daddy after a certain age. They might say Dad but not Daddy. You know who says Daddy? Females. A chick will call a man Daddy when he breaking her off right. So I guess Baby is breaking off some stubby dick to Lil Wayne, making him call out Daddy.

Maybe somebody can explain to me why this sweet booty ass nigga got a song out called Lollipop and in the video, the only ones who got lollipops in their mouths is Lil Faggot and his Baby Bitch. Better yet, I cant even remember the last time I seen a man suckin on a lollipop. No, it was Pinky from Next Friday. He was a pimp sucking a pop. Besides that, I cant remember the last time I seen any male above the age of 10 suckin a lollipop. Nota naan nother person in the whole 5 min video has a lollipop. NOT A ONE! But you gotta read between the lines. Lil Faggot is showing you how to do it (he should know). Next thing you know he's gonna come out with a song called Bananas. In the video, he slips on a banana peel and lands with a banana shoved up his ass screaming like a damn monkey.

I could go on but its just making me sick thinking about it as I'm writing this. Bottom line, that nigga is gay and cant nobody tell me otherwise.

Monday, April 7, 2008

No Homo? Yes, homo!

Can muhfuckas please stop saying this shit all the damn time! I'm so sick of every sentence starting and/or ending with "no homo." First of all, if something you want to say MIGHT be perceived as gay, how about you just rephrase it? Hell, half of the time when I hear "no homo," what follows or precedes it doesn't even sound gay so why add it. Your sexuality was never questioned before but all of a sudden you gotta start saying "no homo" all the damn time? Why do you feel the need to go out of your way to say it when its not even an issue to anyone but yourself? I think people who use the phrase are actually in denial of their own homosexuality but because being gay is frowned upon by some, they feel the need to overly stress their masculinity. I say if you really wanna stress your masculinity, GROW SOME FUCKIN BALLS! Be a man and say what you say and if somebody try to call you out on it, just bitch slap them. You say you aint gay so why does everyone need to be constantly reminded about it? Or better yet, why do you keep saying gay shit that makes you say "no homo" if you not a homo? What, your vocab is limited to 2 and 3 syllable words and cuss words? You cant properly articulate yourself cause you dont know no better? Or you just gotta follow what everyone else is doing so you can be accepted? How about you ACCEPT DEEZ NUTS after you grow some.

Anybody that says "no homo" is gay in my book. If you dont like it, do something about it bitch!